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Exploring Statutes of Limitations in Colorado

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on November 20, 2015

It’s a term you’ve heard before, but it is understandable if you aren’t exactly sure what a statute of limitations is. Today we’re going to look at these statutes and how they can apply to various types of personal injury […] …read more

Immediately After the Collision – The Next Steps

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on November 13, 2015

You’ve just been hit by a careless driver. The situation is still murky and you’re struggling to make sense of what’s going on. Let’s go over a step-by-step checklist of what should do if you find yourself in this unfortunate […] …read more

Cars with an Edge in Safety – 5 of the Safest Vehicles You Can Purchase

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on October 30, 2015

People buy automobiles for many reasons, such as its looks, its size, its price, its fuel economy, and its utility, just to name a few, but as a personal injury attorney who focuses injuries from motor vehicle collisions and a […] …read more