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Staying Safe on Colorado Roads

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on December 2, 2015


Safety on the roadways starts with you. Vigilance and defensive driving is a must if you want to take every possible precaution to avoid a collision.

So what can you do to stay as safe (and keep others safe!) when you’re driving?

Here are a few tips from Dan:

–  Follow the laws and rules of the roadway. If you’re unclear about certain driving situations, refer to the Colorado Driver Handbook. Be sure you’re paying particularly close attention to the following:

  • Speed – always observe the posted limit
  • Use of turn signals – you should never be changing lanes or turning without signaling first
  • Observing stop signs and other posted signs – rolling through a stop is unacceptable, as is failing to observe a posted yield or other type of sign.

–  Hang up the phone and NEVER text – Unfortunately the use of handsets while driving is not explicitly prohibited in Colorado at this point, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use one. If you must be on the phone while driving, a hands-free device is essential.

–  Avoid other distractions as well – applying makeup, eating and drinking, playing with your iPod or navigation system, and even interacting with your passengers are all forms of inattentiveness that can cause accidents. When you’re driving, you should be focused on the road and other drivers around you.

–   Never drive when you are tired – A recent study concluded that 20% of all accidents can attribute sleepiness as one of the causing factors.[1] Driving requires your full attention, and you simply cannot provide that when you are drowsy or tired.

–  DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE – This might be one of the most important driver safety tips there is. It’s imperative that you are sober when you get behind the wheel. In Colorado alone there were 165 fatalities where impairment was either confirmed or suspected.[2] This is unacceptable. You shouldn’t be under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, prescription medication, or any other substance when you are driving. Don’t risk arrest or worse.

–  Always wear a seatbelt – It’s as simple as this – in the event of a collision a seatbelt can save your life. There’s a much higher survival rate for those involved in collisions while wearing seatbelts than those who weren’t.

–  Keep a safe distance – you don’t want to follow the traffic in front of you too closely. In the event of an emergency situation that demands a quick stop, you might not be able to avoid a collision. By keeping several car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to stop.

– Don’t forget about vehicle maintenance – Faulty signal light, taillights, and headlights can all cause serious issues with safety. It’s important that you get them fixed as soon as you notice them.

Summing Up

The ability to keep calm in frustrating traffic is something we should all strive towards. It can difficult to keep your cool when things get particularly aggravating, but it’s a necessity. By staying alert and adhering to defensive driving practices, you’ll greatly reduce the change that you’re involved in a collision.

Of course collisions happen even when we’re being safe drivers. At the D’Angelo Law Office, we’ll always be ready to go to bat for when you’re the victim of another’s carelessness that leads to a traffic collision. Still, we’d prefer that you avoid having to see us for a consultation in the first place. Do what you can to stay safe on the road!


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