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Auto Collisions and Lost Wages

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on October 26, 2015

Being involved in an automobile collision can affect you in many ways. The pain, physical limitations, medical bills, missed time from work, and worry of a life filled with chronic pain can take over your life. You want to know […] …read more

Self-Driving Cars: The Legal Impact

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on September 29, 2015

“I think it’s just going to become normal. Like an elevator.” -Elon Musk You wake up, stretch, and prepare for a hot, leisurely shower. You’ve got time. Rushing to get ready for work and scrambling for your keys and other […] …read more

Moving Towards Zero Deaths

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on August 11, 2015

488 The number of people we lost in fatal car accidents in Colorado in 2014. 0 The only acceptable number of car accident fatalities in Colorado. Colorado has long been on the forefront of the battle to reduce the number […] …read more