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What We Do

A personal injury claim is a serious and complicated time in your life filled with stress, many uncertainties, and doubts of whether you will ever get better. Not only will medical bills need to be paid and you may suffer lost wages, but the fun activities you did with your friends and family may become a thing of the past. Your once active and pain free Colorado lifestyle may cease to exist and instead your free time is spent avoiding physical activity and in doctors’ offices.

You only have one opportunity to to get your claim right and depending on how you handle your claim from the beginning can have a lasting impact on the quality of the rest of your life.

We help accident victims and their families start to rebuild their lives by advising them about their legal rights, thoroughly investigating all aspects of their claim, and then making a claim for monetary damages with the responsible persons’ insurance companies. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit to obtain a monetary judgment.

We do this with a client-focused personal injury law practice that is approachable, creative, inspired, dedicated, and responsive to its clients’ needs. By being different and molding our practice after those ideals, we believe that our clients will have better outcomes and enjoy their relationship with their attorney more. You may call us legal rebels.

As a Denver personal injury law practice we focus on representing clients in three areas: Automobile Related Injuries, Premises Liability Claims, and Wrongful Death Claims.

Auto Injury

If you were hurt in an automobile accident because someone else was negligent, you may have a claim for your injuries. Regardless of the size of the collision or impact, you may have suffered physical injuries such as a sore neck and back muscles, broken bones, pain radiating into your legs and feet or arms and hands, headaches, or a serious brain or spinal cord injury. We are here to help you through the many important steps to rebuilding your life and making a claim to recover the monetary losses you’ve suffered and may continue to suffer. Read More

We handle many different types of personal injury claims involving motor vehicles, including:

  • car accidents
  • truck, tractor trailer, and commercial vehicle accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • bicyclists or pedestrians hit by motor vehicles
  • accidents caused by drunk drivers, texting drivers, and distracted drivers
  • hit-and-run accidents
  • fatal accidents
  • uninsured or underinsured motorist accidents

Read more about personal injury claims involving motor vehicles, damages, and car insurance on our Blog and FAQs.

“Dan was very professional & always kept me in touch with the details of my case. I am truly blessed to not only have a great attorney for my family, but also a friend for life.”

-Shane Y., Denver, Colorado

Premises Liability

If you have suffered injuries while on the property of another, and your injuries were caused by a hazardous condition, activity, or circumstance existing on the property, you may have a claim against the landowner for your injuries otherwise known as a premises liability claim. Read More

We handle many types of premises liability claims such as:

  • slip and fall or trip and fall accidents
  • falls due to uneven sidewalks
  • falls into manholes
  • falls due to unsafe stairs and railings
  • injuries from falling store property
  • injuries from use of equipment
  • injuries due to other unsafe conditions such as ice, water, or a torn carpet

Read more about Premises Liability claims, types of damages, and insurance on our Blog and FAQs.

“When I first talked to Dan about my trip and fall case he was compassionate and very caring. His hard work and attention to detail were outstanding. If I had any questions or concerns, he was always understanding and a professional.”

-D. Valdez, Denver, Colorado

Wrongful Death

The death of a family member is heartbreaking regardless the circumstances, however, when your loved one dies because of someone’s wrongdoing, you will naturally question whether and how to seek justice. Investigating the circumstances surrounding the loss of a loved one can be a daunting and emotional process to handle alone. The cause of death or the responsible party may be unclear and experts may be needed to help answer critical questions about liability, causation, and damages. Read More

The surviving family members may assert a claim for injuries they have personally suffered due to the death of a loved one, which is known as a Wrongful Death claim. Colorado law has specific restrictions on which family members have the right to file a Wrongful Death claim, the time period when the permitted family members may file the claim in court, how many claims may be filed in court, the type and amount of damages allowed, and how damages are distributed to the surviving family members. A Colorado Wrongful Death attorney can help provide the family the answers and justice they are searching for, but can also help provide an important part of their grieving process in doing so.

Not only may a person’s death create a claim for Wrongful Death, but the Personal Representative of the decedent’s estate may also file what is known as a Survival Action. Unlike a Wrongful Death claim, a Survival Action is a claim made by the estate only and is for damages that Colorado law has deemed to survive a person’s death.

Read more about Wrongful Death claims, Survival Actions, the types of damages recoverable on our Blog and FAQs.

“Dan went above and beyond. His passion made our family comfortable and confident that our father’s wrongful death was his priority and that he truly cared about our father and our family.”

-The Romero Family