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Monthly Archives: February 2016

When an Insurance Company Breaks Its Promise

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on February 29, 2016

Insurance companies in Colorado must adhere to laws which ensure they are treating their customers fairly. These laws weren’t always in place, and proving an insurance company was NOT acting in their customers’ best interest used to be more difficult. […] …read more

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Lets Call it a “Crash,” Not an Accident

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on February 29, 2016

Even though Transportation Alternatives, Inc. is an organization for safer New York City streets, I believe in safer streets everywhere, especially here in Colorado, and I believe that calling car collisions “accidents” minimizes how seriously people take their responsibility for […] …read more

An In-Depth Look at Colorado Roadway Deaths in 2015

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on February 10, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the alarming rise in deaths on Colorado roads in 2015 – there was an 11.7% increase over the previous year. Obviously, this is a push in the wrong direction, especially when the […] …read more

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