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Lets Call it a “Crash,” Not an Accident

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on February 29, 2016

Even though Transportation Alternatives, Inc. is an organization for safer New York City streets, I believe in safer streets everywhere, especially here in Colorado, and I believe that calling car collisions “accidents” minimizes how seriously people take their responsibility for safety while driving because their actions behind the wheel are a choice that can and do have serious consequences. Plus I am from New York State. So I thought I’d mention their campaign here. To take the pledge to stop calling car collisions “accidents” and instead call them something that better conveys the serious nature of driving and the great responsibility drivers should take when they get behind the wheel, go to their campaign website www.crashnotaccident.com and take the pledge. By helping spread the word maybe people will start realizing how they drive is their choice, a choice that can result is serious injury to others, and they will choose to drive safer and less distracted.