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Stuck on Your New Year Resolutions? Here are 3 Resolutions to Help Protect You on the Road in 2015

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on February 4, 2015

Resolutions for 2015 If you’ve failed to follow through on your good intentioned New Year Resolutions, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are three easy resolutions to cross off your list and may even help you stay safer on the road this year.

1. Use Less Technology. Most of us agree that we spend too much time on our smart phones because it makes us disconnected from the world around us. In addition, it distracts you as a driver and may cause a car accident.

You may have already tried to cut back on your technology intake but can’t seem to resist the urge. So, if you’ve struggled with how to begin to use less technology, here is an easy way to start. Make your car a smart phone free zone. By not texting and driving or even looking at your phone while driving, you’ll be more connected to the real world around you, and as a result a safer driver. Even if you’re sitting at a long red light or stuck in stand still traffic resist the urge to use or look at your phone. You may want to leave your phone tucked away somewhere not easily accessible while driving, or you may want to consider turning off notifications to avoid the urge to look when you receive a call, text, or email while driving. There are also applications you can download on your phone to prevent you from texting and driving.

2. Review and update your automobile insurance coverage. Admittedly not your typical resolution of self-improvement and likely nowhere near your list of resolutions unless you’re an insurance broker, but is probably the best way to protect yourself, family, and others in the unfortunate event you or they are injured a collision. This resolution is easy to accomplish and really is more important than you think. You should seriously consider changes to your policy if: Your family has grown since the last time you updated your policy; you purchased or paid off a valuable asset like a home or car, that you want to protect; or maybe your income has increased since you purchased that barebones policy and you can afford better coverage, like comprehensive, rental reimbursement, medical payments coverage, underinsured, or an umbrella policy. Remember that “full coverage” is not a type of insurance you can buy and many people get mislead thinking they have enough coverage because they think they have “full coverage.”

3. Make Yourself More Visible in 2015. If you’re thinking of dusting off that old bicycle or pair of running shoes, as part of your get healthier in 2015 resolution, make yourself more visible to vehicles with the right equipment and apparel. Wear bright clothing and use reflectors to increase your visibility to motor vehicles, and install front and rear lights or wear a headlamp for night riding. Yes, you could cross a resolution off your list by purchasing new gear.