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Halloween Traffic Safety Tips

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on October 6, 2013


Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you are taking your little ghost or goblin trick-or-treating or you will spend the night out at a costume party, remember that Halloween is a time when there are more pedestrians walking the streets. That means vehicles and pedestrians must be extra careful when out Halloween night.

Although the first purpose of a costume is usually meant to disguise, you should think about making yourself or your child more visible to cars at dusk or night. Traveling in a group can make you more visible to cars. Also, fastening reflective tape, a blinking light, or bendable glow sticks, on your costume and/or goodie bag can help make you more visible to cars, especially if your costume is predominately black or a dark color. Use the sidewalk, designated cross walks, and look both ways before crossing the street. Make sure that your costume or mask fits and does not obstruct your vision.

For the adults going to halloween costume parties who will be drinking alcohol, go in a group with a designated driver and if you can’t get a designated driver call a taxi. The cost of the taxi is far cheaper than the cost of a DUI ticket, night in jail, court costs, attorney fees, loss of license, increase in insurance premiums, and/or injuries or loss of life caused by an accident. Plus, if your police mug shot isn’t bad enough already, think about how much more embarrassing it will look in that Gorilla or pirate costume you thought was so clever before.