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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Obama Dedicates $4 Billion to Autonomous Cars

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on January 31, 2016

A couple of months back, we discussed driverless cars and their possible impact on roadway safety in the United States. These vehicles present a fantastic leap forward in technology, and could go a long way towards getting us to the […] …read more

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Dispelling Myths About Seatbelts

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on January 26, 2016

You may not hear it quite as often anymore – but it does still pop up in every day conversation. You’ll hear someone say, “You know, the only reason I survived my car crash is because I wasn’t wearing a […] …read more

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545 Colorado Traffic Deaths in 2015 is 545 Too Many

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on January 20, 2016

545 people died in Colorado traffic accidents in 2015. A record 14 people killed on bicycles. According to the Denver Post article linked below, if current trends continue, CDOT says there is a one in 7,000 chance a driver will […] …read more