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Uncertain you need an injury attorney? Confused by insurance claims? Get answers here.

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What We Do

We help accident victims put their lives back together.

We are a Denver law office dedicated to helping restore the lives of personal injury victims.

Suffering an injury because someone else was careless can be a frightening, frustrating, and life altering event. From the moment you are injured you are confronted by many critical decisions you should not face alone.

You may be wondering: How to start to repair your life after the accident? Who is responsible for your injuries? What types of injuries can you recover compensation for? What are your damages? What if you can’t work? How do you pay for the expensive medical treatment you desperately need? Or How do you you make an insurance claim and with whose insurance is the claim made?

Those are just a few of the many questions you probably never thought about until your life changed the moment you were injured by another person’s negligent behavior. We can answer your questions and advise you about your rights and the “dos and don’ts” of insurance claims, so you don’t have to go it alone wondering if you are making the right or wrong decisions.

We are lawyers, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t human. We think there is more to representing a client than only arguing the law. It requires an attorney who is empathetic and understands your situation and injuries; listens and responds to your questions; if necessary, helps you find the right doctors and other healthcare professionals; and, will zealously advocate for your rights and fair compensation for your bodily injuries and other monetary losses. This is our philosophy.

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Enriched clients. Enriched lives.

“Dan showed great care and concern for me during my trial. He was thorough, investigated every angle and aspect of my case and kept me completely informed at all times. Dan is open, honest and always available when needed. Dan is an excellent attorney; I highly recommend Dan.”
N. Brown, Brighton, Colorado
“Dan has passion and commitment making him an excellent attorney. He was very patient with me and took the time to explain things if I did not understand. In the past, I have hired other attorneys but I have never had an experience that went as well as when I hired Dan for a complicated motor vehicle accident case…”
S.Z., Lakewood, Colorado